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224: The Best Cookbooks of 2022 with Brian Stewart of Salt + Spine

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Food Joy, Kitchen Skills

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It’s our 5th annual Best Cookbooks of the Year for family cooks with Brian Stewart of the Salt + Spine podcast. (Yes, FIFTH!) Whether you’re looking for inspiration to make cooking for your family more exciting or hoping your kids can start pulling their weight in the kitchen, we’ve got the cookbooks you need. 

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About Our Guest: Brian Stewart

A once-budding chef, Brian passed on a culinary school degree to pursue journalism. He’s not a professional cook nor a cookbook author—but an avid home cook and an enthusiastic cookbook collector, with a collection now in the hundreds. 

In addition to podcasting, Brian has extensive experience leading public relations and storytelling efforts for numerous non-profit groups and advocacy organizations, including MoveOn.org and the Center for American Progress. He has also led public relations campaigns for a range of hospitality clients including the James Beard Foundation, the MINA Group, the San Francisco Ferry Building, New Belgium Brewing, Mr. Espresso, Ramen Nagi, TETRA Hotel (Autograph Collection), and more.

Brian has worked extensively in journalism and new media, conducting hundreds of interviews throughout his career, including time spent covering food culture and personalities in the Midwest. Brian is a native of Iowa, where he studied journalism, English, and American studies.
To follow Brian, subscribe to Salt + Spine, join his #talkcookbooks community, follow Salt + Spine on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Other mentions:

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