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The Didn’t I Just Feed You Community is the most exciting part of the DIJFY universe. The podcast is where we share our expertise, but the community is where you share yours and learn from others. It’s where we all go deeper and expand our sense of what’s possible. 

Together, we rescue cooking disasters in real time; share hot takes from our kitchens; trade parent-tested, kid approved tricks; and bake everyday cakes together, because, yes, we decided we should all do that more. 

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You can’t put a price on friendship and a parent mind  hive that you can count on. 

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"The community helps me with meal planning and tips and tricks."

Also, Stacie and Meghan represent a very real perspective that is never seen or heard. A sort of hybrid parent who is invested in their career but also invested in caregiving to their family. A lot of the working mom voices talk about outsourcing childcare and family care, which is awesome if you can afford it, but the rest of us have to figure out some sort of blended approach and DIJFY gives us great ideas to maintain sanity and feed our foodie cravings!!!!


Santa ana, californiA

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"Didn't I Just Feed You helps me know I'm not alone in the struggles of feeding my family." 

Didn't I Just Feed You helps me know I'm not alone in the struggles of feeding my family and yet wanting a variety of more flavorful foods for myself, and provides solutions!


Mom of 3 + Teacher, California

"An authentic, judgment-free discussion."

An authentic, judgment-free discussion to explore feeding whole families with confidence, adventure, and lots of laughs.


Denver, COlorado

If you’re like us, you can’t survive this parenting gig without a trusted parent hive mind. Join our community to have the kindest and most inclusive group of home cooks on speed dial. 

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