Cook like a boss

Cook like a boss

The number one way we deliver on that is to teach you hands-on kitchen skills. Talking through tips, tricks, and techniques on the show lays the foundation, but at the end of the day, nothing compares to being able to teach you directly. 

We’re On a Mission to Give You Back Time and Help You Find Food Joy. 


Classes allow you to dive deep into a kitchen skill that will help you become a more efficient and happier home cook.

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The DIJFY Method: Meal Planning for Non-Planners

A step-by-step course to create a personalized meal planning system tailored to your personality, lifestyle, budget, and cooking style. If you’re a busy home cook who’s exhausted by the last-minute dinner scramble, tired of food waste, and done with overspending on groceries, this course is for you.

What's Included:

Work at your own pace content and videos

free downloads to track progress

Support from other out-of-the-box meal planners like you. 

Office hours with Meghan and Stacie.


DIJFY downloads are quick-reference tools that we’ve created to help keep you organized and on track through different seasons of your cooking life.

Our free printable template helps keep your weekly meal plan and shopping list organized. Jot down dinners for Mon-Fri, all the cooking you want to accomplish on the weekend and track items you need to pick up at the grocery store.

Always looking for well-balanced snack ideas that are crazy easy and kid-approved? We've got you covered! These 10 ideas are easily adaptable, too, so it's almost like you're getting 15 ideas!

Meal Plan Template

10 Healthy, No-Recipe Snacks




Hang out with a new crew of friends who get it, and will serve as a personal cooking hotline. Plus, supporting members get 30% off all courses and downloads!

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