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69: Our Guide to Making a Family Friendly Cheese Board

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Holiday Cooking, Kitchen Skills

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Episode 69 Cheese Me - how to turn cheese into a legit family dinner- .png

“Cheese Me” isn’t just a funny phrase we say too often on the show! Cheese boards, snack platters, and graze plates of all kinds are one of the smartest ways to eat and entertain during the holiday. Scratch that, year round. This week Meghan and Stacie share their best tips for building epic cheese boards the whole family will devour .

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Cheese, its Whats for Dinner!

Blurring the line on appetizer, dinner, or even busy lunch, cheese boards and snack platters are one of our favorite ways to get lots of different meals done. We talk a little bit about how we make cheese for dinner a little more nutritious and why we use these gorgeous boards to get our kids to try new foods.

How to Make Family Friendly Cheese Platter Didnt I Just Feed You Podcast | Meghan Splawn.jpg

Our Tips for Building Cheese Boards

  • Choose 1-3 types of cheese — something hard, something semi-soft, and soft

  • Meat is optional!

  • Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables in different colors

  • Include a bowl for pits and stems and get it started.

  • Precut as much of these cheese as you can — this makes it more approachable

  • Put cheeses down first

  • Add bowls for dips and small items

  • Add crackers, fruit, and vegetables

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Just a reminder, this is our last episode of 2019, we’re taking two weeks off to rest and recharge. We will be back January 6th with guest Catherine McCord! Be sure to join our private listener’s group (our favorite cocktail is WHISKEY, don’t @ us) and follow us Instagram and Facebook as Didn’t I Just Feed You.

Meghan is taking an EPIC family road trip, so you’ll want to find her as @meghan_splawn. Find Stacie beach side, probably drinking a Painkiller and looking fabulous doing it, so find her as @staciebillis for all her vacation details.

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