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Episode 70: The Smoothie Project with Catherine McCord of Weelicious

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Episode 70_ Smoothie Project with Catherine McCord.jpg

We may not have health and wellness goals, but we also know that some foods just make us feel better than others. Our guest, Catherine McCord of Weelicious, agrees. Her new book, Smoothie Project: The 28-Day Plan to Feel Happy and Healthy No Matter Your Age is all about helping you feel great — no matter your age, diet, lifestyle or goals— by adding a steady diet of smoothies that taste delicious and are easily packed with great-for-you ingredients.

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Banana Split smoothie recipe from The Smoothie Project book by Catherine McCord of Weelicious | Didn't I Just Feed You, a food podcast for parents

Smoothie Criminal

Catherine knows that we are all built differently, so do not be fooled: This book is not a 28-day diet, cleanse, or new year reset. While you can use it that way if you want, this book is a way of life that ranges from birth to AARP. It’s all about committing to a month of drinking one mouthwatering smoothie packed with super boosting foods everyday.

Whether you’re craving a smoothie based on your mood (need Hawaiian vibes in the middle of winter?), your mental state (looking for clarity?), or how your body feels (headaches be gone!), Catherine has the right recipe for you.

And we promise it will be delicious too.

Listen up to learn more about the book, Catherine’s smoothie journey (which she’s taken with her entire family, including grandma!), and bonus tips. Because we know you want to know what smoothie ingredients you should avoid as much as the ones you should keep on hand.

Can  you guess what celebrity Catherine McCord of Weelicious would make this Pure Gold smoothie recipe for? Listen to find out! | Didn't I Just Feed You,  a food  podcast for parents

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A conversation with Catherine McCord, author of Smoothie Project, on the Didn't I Just Feed You podcast

The Smoothie Project Book

Catherine’s latest book, Smoothie Project: The 28-Day Plan to Feel Happy and Healthy No Matter Your Age, is her most mature title yet. While she applies strategies developed at Weelicious, her wildly popular food blog geared towards family food, Catherine developed the Smoothie Project as a resource that can span from starting solids to AARP.

The book has over 100 delicious smoothie recipes for all cravings and preferences, tips for quickly preparing them, charts to help decode all of those ingredients you hear about (but don’t know what they do), and ways to boost your nutrition in every sip and feel your very best.

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