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Episode 68: *BONUS* Listener Requested Holiday Gift Guide

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Episode 68_ Special Holiday Gift Guide .png

This special bonus episode comes from a listener e-mail: “ I’m a big fan and a member of the DIJFY Facebook group. As I was driving in this morning listening to this week’s episode, I thought about how useful it would be if you guys came out with a gift guide. I feel like I see gift guides everywhere right now, but they’re not really anything I’m interested in. What I’m interested in is stuff you ladies include in the show notes – different sugars, sprinkles, chai, etc. – that would be fun to incorporate into my cooking, or that I can gift to another foodie mom. Would you consider doing a gift guide, something that is really a summary of some of the cool products you’ve mentioned over the past year? I feel like people would love it and it would be a great resource for the Facebook — Thanks! Emily”

This post contains affiliate links, we may make a small percentage on products we recommend.

Stasher Bags

Gift Ideas Requested by our Listeners Group

We do our best to mention our Facebook Listeners Group in each episode (the password to join is WHISKEY) but we don’t say enough just how freakin’s awesome the group is. You ask questions and before we can even comment all you smart, seasoned parents jump in to help crowd source the answers. WE LOVE IT.

So it feels like the least we could do to help you suss out a few gift ideas for those who are hard to buy for. These were the most requested categories:

In Laws: especially ones who you don’t know well or who already have 

Brother in Law 


Kinda-sorta-strangers – i.e. secret santa or new co-workers 


Men (male teachers, bros etc) 

Budget gifts for nieces and nephews (younger and college age) 

Cooks who have everything 

Petty Crocker - Rosie Pen for Didn't I Just Feed You.jpeg

Petty Crocker: GOOP GIFT GUIDE

What can we say, we love making fun of GOOP about as much as we love making fun of ourselves, so we couldn’t start the episode without a little commentary on the most

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Some of Our Favorite Products from 2019

Since launching Didn’t I Just Feed You in 2018, we’ve had the pleasure of bringing a few guests on the podcast more than once. Brian Stewart gave us such great cookbook giving advice in 2018 that we had to have him back this year to geek out on recipes, creativity, and raising tiny humans. Of course, we also have tons of cookbook


Let’s Hang Out

We’re getting ready to take a break from recording for the holidays, so make sure you’re subscribed where ever you listen. Be sure to follow us collectively as @didntijustfeedyou on Instagram and Facebook. Keep up with our personal adventures too — Stacie is @staciebillis and Meghan is @meghan_splawn.

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