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169: How to Cook a Turkey from a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Expert

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Holiday Cooking, Kitchen Skills

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How to Cook a Turkey with Karen Wilcher, a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Expert | DIdn't I Just Feed You podcast

Thanksgiving sides and desserts may be the best part of every Thanksgiving meal (don’t at us!), but we know that cooking the turkey is what takes up the most time and space in your home-cook brain. So this year, we’re talking turkey with a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Expert who gives us all the easy tips for how to cook a turkey calmly and successfully. 

About Our Guest:

Karen Wilcher, a long-time Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert | Didn't I Just Feed You podcast

Karen Wilcher is a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert who has been answering Thanksgiving-related questions for the last 10 years. During this time, she’s helped thousands of callers overcome turkey-related hurdles ahead of or on the big day. Her number one tip is to make a list and timeline to help plan out Thanksgiving prep. Her favorite thing about being an expert? Learning about the diversity of celebrations. Every year, she learns something new, which makes for a great arsenal of knowledge and has helped her become a trusted resource. 

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