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170: The Best Cookbooks of 2021 for Family Cooks with Brian Stewart of Salt + Spine

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It’s time for our annual best cookbooks of the year episode with Brian Stewart of the Salt + Spine podcast. A Didn’t I Just Feed You tradition, this episode is a go-to wishlist of cookbooks for the family cook — and the people who we want to cook for us more. Ditch all the other best cookbooks of 2021 lists: this one is curated specifically for your busy family life.

About Our Guest: Brian Hogan Stewart

Brian Hogan Stewart is the host and creator of Salt + Spine, a top-rated podcast on the stories behind cookbooks. Salt + Spine features in-depth interviews with cookbook authors from Nigella Lawson to Samin Nosrat to Jacques Pépin. A cookbook-obsessed former journalist, Stewart is a once-budding chef who skipped culinary school to pursue communications and has worked in journalism, new media, and politics. A native of Iowa and a proud alum of the University of Iowa, Brian’s vices include any-and-all Midwest baked goods (especially scotcheroos and puppy chow).

Best Cookbooks for People Excited About Gathering Again

Best Cookbooks for People Who Are Tired of Cooking

Best Baking Books For Your Friend Who Always Brings You Cake and Cookies

Best Cookbooks For Teens

Best Cookbooks for Weeknight Cooking

Best Cookbook For Expanding Your Home Cooking Horizons

Best Vegan and/or Plant-Based Cookbooks

Brian’s Most Used Cookbooks Of The Year

Classic Cookbooks That Everyone Should Own

Pandemic Books We Want to Shout Out

Some Other Cookbooks We Want to Get Our Hands On

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Just when we thought we couldn’t love KiwiCo more, they have gone and launched Yummy Crate.

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