Episode 45: Easy Homemade Popsicles For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner


Whatever you call them — Popsicles, freeze pops, ice pops, freezies, Otter Pops — easy homemade popsicle recipes never fail to save the day. And when you know how to make them nutritious, the sky’s the limit. Because if you thought Popsicles were only good for snacking, we’re here to tell you otherwise.

With expert tips from Sarah Bond, author of the popular blog Live Eat Learn and the book For The Love of Popsicles, we share everything you need to know to make Popsicles sweet, healthy, and good for breakfast. Or dinner, too, if you’re Meghan!

Will It Pop?

How to Turn (Nearly) Anything Into a Popsicle

It turns out that not everything will pop, but in our conversation with Popsicle queen Sarah Bond, author of the popular blog Live Eat Learn and the book For The Love of Popsicles, we learn that way more than you’d ever imagine can be turned into a Popsicle. And not just sweet ingredients!

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your kid to eat more zucchini — and honestly, who hasn’t?! — the answer is to turn it into a Popsicle. (Zucchini Bread Popsicles are real and in Sarah’s book!)

And believe us, that’s just the beginning.

In this episode, Sarah shares with us genius tips (look for discounted bruised fruit at the farmer’s market), smart guidance (how to avoid ice crystals and what to keep in your Popsicle pantry) , and her favorite easy homemade Popsicle recipes so that you can serve them day or night, as a snack or even for a meal.

About Our Guest: Sarah Bond

The Healthy Popsicle Queen

Sarah Bond-for-the-love-of-popsicle-.jpg

We admit that Sarah didn’t give herself the Popsicle Queen title — she’s too humble for that. We did it, unapologetically, because not only does Sarah create easy homemade Popsicle recipes that taste great, but they also look gorgeous and have a fantastic texture too And let’s be honest: texture is key to making great Popsicles too. It’s no wonder that Sarah is able to do this so effortlessly given her background in both nutrition and sensory science.


Sarah was raised in Alaska and moved to the Netherlands in 2016 soon after graduating from Penn State with a degree in nutrition. There she is pursuing a master’s in sensory science, the study of food as it relates to the senses, and Popsicle perfection.

You can find Sarah’s recipes on her site, Live Eat Learn, get her brilliant tips and gorgeous photos on Instagram, where she’s also @liveeatlearn, and grab a copy of her book, For The Love of Popsicles: Naturally Delicious Icy Sweet Summer Treats from A–Z, at your local indie book store, on Amazon (linked), or anywhere else you buy your books online.


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Play “Will It Pop?”

In this episode, we played not just one, but two games with Sarah — because Popsicles mean fun!

Now we want to play with you! Hop onto social media and tell us:

Have you ever experimented with a Popsicle flavor that went horribly wrong? Or that you thought might not work, but totally wowed?

If you were a popsicle flavor, what would you be?

Challenge us to a round of “Will It Pop”!

Can you tell we’re excited to connect with you about Popsicles?! And who can blame us.

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