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Episode 46: Grilling 101 – Easy Grilling Recipes, Tips for Beginners, and More

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dinner, Kitchen Skills, Summer, What to Eat

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We can’t have a summer season without talking about the most iconic cooking method of the season: grilling. This week, we walk you through the numerous ways that the grill can make life as the family cook easier, cooler, and more delicious. And also how it will help you make the most delicious homemade pizza. Just saying.

The Grill is Your Summer Dinner BFF

Hummus meal at Dizengoff | Photo: Anna Dickson for Zagat

We understand that getting to the grill can be full of logistical challenges (where to put the grill, how to prep food properly, etc), but here’s the truth: getting to know your grill can make summer cooking easier and more enjoyable. Because any time you can refrain from turning on the oven in July, you win big.

This week, we provide a step-by-step guide to grilling with our favorite tips and tricks, including ways that you can make dessert on the grill.

Yes, dessert!

Some highlights that we go over include:

To Marinade or not to Marinade

Marinading Might Not Be As Good As We Thought | Didnt I just Feed You Podcast | photo: Meghan Splawn

We’re all anticipating the arrival of Stacie’s second cookbook all about chicken dinners, but while we wait, Stacie is dropping some knowledge bombs about marinades, a classic grilling step.

Months of research led to a simple, unexpected conclusion. Listen, because you may be surprised!

Let’s Talk Cocktails!

Summer Grilling Recipes for Families | Didnt I Just Feed You Podcast | photo: Meghan Splawn

We’re bringing back the classic Didn’t I Just Feed You lightening round — well, at least for this episode. Because who doesn’t want to list their favorite summer cocktails?! From summer Spritzes to Painkillers and Stacie’s low-calorie go-to!

Listen to get our favorites and hop onto social media to tell us yours!

You can find Meghan on Insta at @meghan_splawn and Stacie at @staciebillis And of course, together, we are @didntijustfeedyou.

You can also follow us on Facebook where you can join our private Listener’s Group; the answer to the question to join is whiskey or painkiller.

Spawned Podcast: a parenting podcast with Kristen and Liz of Cool Mom Picks | Didn't I Just Feed You

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Every week, you can join them (and some awesome celebrity guests) for candid parenting culture discussions, (mostly) non-judgy tips, and a good dose of that humor we were talking about.

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Our favorite cocktail is WHISKEY — you’ll understand when you try to join). This week, we’ll find out what you’re cooking and eating now too.  

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