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MINI: On-The-Go Food For the Park, Sidelines + Beyond

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Parenting, What to Eat

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In our final public mini episode, we’re answering a listener question about what to pack for picnics. Katie Kurtz asked, “Hi, I’m a mother of 3 under 4 and I live in California’s armpit. Is there an episode about picnic meals? Or do any of you lovely humans have picnic ideas for kids who eat too many sandwiches and don’t like meat?”

We’ve also been asked about packable meal ideas for eating on the sidelines during games and practices, while at the pool, and otherwise on the go. This mini is a compilation of our best ideas that apply to all of the above.

Oh! And before we get to the links, yes, you did catch that this is our final public mini episode. From this point forward, we’ll be sharing two mini episodes a month exclusively with our supporting members. To learn more about how to join as a supporting member and all the perks that come with it, visit our community page.

Here are links mentioned in this week’s mini episode:

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Our favorite cocktail is WHISKEY — you’ll understand when you try to join). This week, we’ll find out what you’re cooking and eating now too.  

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