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146: Vacation Meals and Meal Planning

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Kitchen Skills, Parenting, What to Eat

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family preparing food in the kitchen

We’ve all seen that meme about how vacation for moms is just doing all the same stuff in a new place, and well, it hits because there’s some truth in it. Not for all moms, and not just for moms either, but no parent gets a break from making sure that everyone gets fed. So we’re sharing our favorite strategies for vacation meals and meal planning ideas that work for all kinds of family travel.

You Can Take the Parent Away From Home…

But you can’t necessarily take the home responsibilities away from the parent. This week, we talk through meal planning strategies and vacation meal ideas that we hope make it easier to feed you family while enjoying a “break.” Most of our ideas apply to staying in a home or space with a kitchen or kitchenette, but we also share road trip ideas and ideas for making feeding while staying at hotels more affordable too.

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