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Episode 99: How to Fix Dinner When You’ve Messed Up

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Feeding Picky Eaters, Kitchen Skills

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Episode 99_ How to Fix Dinner When You've Messed Up.png

This week’s episode is brought to you by KiwiCo and Breyers® CarbSmart

We’ve got 99 problems and messing up dinner is one. No, seriously. We mess up dinner, too, and so do the chefs, cookbook authors and culinary professionals we interview. So this week, we’re going to share how all of us save a meal that we’ve messed up. Too spicy? To salty? Kinda bland? Here’s what you need to do.

This post contains affiliate links, we may make a small percentage on products we recommend.

Episode 99_ How to Fix Dinner When You've Messed Up.png

We’ve Got 99 Problems…

In honor of our 99th episode, we’re embracing the fact that we have 99 problems, and messing up dinner is one — or really, all — of them.

Okay, that was forced. But hey, sometimes one of our problems is not being as clever as we want.

Here’s the bottom line: even we burn or over salt dinner, end up with bitter greens, and over bake cookies. Sometimes we completely shit the bed and dinner is totally ruined. From fixable problems to clever ideas (and some perspective) on what to do when you need to take an L, we’ve got answers.

Here are links from this week’s conversation:

ep 99 - when all else fails half cheese half pepe.jpg

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