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100: The Newlywed Game, Stacie & Meghan Style

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Ep 100_ The Newlywed Game, Stacie & Meghan Style.png

This week’s episode is brought to you by KiwiCo

Ever heard of the Newlywed Game? Listen: we’re hardly familiar with it ourselves, but remembered enough to know that it makes for hilarious content. Look it up if you need to, or just dive into this week’s episode where Stacie and Meghan play their own version of the game and answer questions to see how well they’ve gotten to know each other over the course of recording 100+ episodes in the 2 years since Didn’t I Just Feed You launched.

This post contains affiliate links, we may make a small percentage on products we recommend.

Ep 100 — Getting to Know Stacie and Meghan Newlywed Game Style.png

Like Newlyweds, But Better

No links this week, just a super fun listen! For our 100th episode, Stacie and Meghan play their own version of The Newlywed Game to see how well they’ve gotten to know each other while recording 100+ episodes of Didn’t I Just Feed You.

We roped our AMAZING editor Samantha Gattsek into hosting: In separate recordings, Samantha privately asks each of us intimate (food and cooking!) questions about the other. Then, in a three-way recording — that has nothing at all to do with whoopie (like the insider Newlywed Game joke?!) — Samantha reveals our answers in front of the other. Because what’s better than laughing with someone over how you should really know them better.

Thankfully, knowing your podcast co-host is way lower stakes than knowing your life partner. (Or it is?!)

Didnt I Just Feed The Game Show.png

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Let’s be honest: This summer is particularly intense. We’re tired of playing parent AND camp counselor, which is why we LOVE and DEEPLY appreciate KiwiCo.

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Get your first month free on select KiwiCo crates at kiwico.com/didntijustfeedyou! Trust us: just like no-cook dinners, KiwiCo crates are a lifesaver.

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