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Episode 90: Finding Your Bread Guru with Cathy Lloyd Burns

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Food Joy, Kitchen Skills

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Episode 90_ Sourdough Bread for Busy Parents with Cathy Lloyd Burns.png

This week’s episode is brought to you by Breyers® CarbSmart and Thrive Market

Even though the hubbub around sourdough has leveled off, Stacie (and a few of our Listener’s Group members) still have questions. Plus, we want to know if any habits formed during the sourdough frenzy will — or should — stick. This week, Meghan and our guest Cathy Lloyd Burns, Stacie’s neighbor and bread doula, walk us through the art of sourdough. They also share all the things you can do with your starter if you’ve given up on bread baking.

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The Busy Parents Guide to Sourdough Bread with Cathy Lloyd Burns.jpg

Finding Your Bread Guru

Call it engaging in bread therapy, finding your bread guru, or identifying your sourdough doula — everyone needs a little help when they start their relationship with sourdough. Without guidance, it’s easy to feel anxious and, ultimately, give up. Stacie gets it:

She loves the practice of feeding her sourdough starter, but after her first loaf turned out to be a flop she realized that she couldn’t go it alone. Even as a food professional.

This week’s conversation isn’t so much about mastering sourdough — or any bread baking, really. Rather it’s a bigger discussion about creating practice and intention around building new cooking skills. Or knowing when it’s okay to give them up.

Here are the links mentioned in this week’s conversation:


Stacie’s Bread Guru — and Our Guest: Cathy Lloyd Burns

Cathy Lloyd Burns on The Busy Parents Guide to Sourdough Starter.jpg

Cathy Lloyd Burns is a mother, former actress, certified postpartum doula and professional baker with a speciality in sourdough. She holds classes in her Brooklyn home — which will resume as soon as it’s safe! — where you spend the day learning about and making sourdough. She’s also a 3-time published author, a memoire and two adorable children’s books:


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