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Episode 75: Probiotics & Supplement-Free Gut Health with Kelli Foster

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Episode 75 Probiotics & Supplement-Free Gut Health with Kelli Foster .jpg

Have you wondered if probiotics are worth it? And what are prebiotics anyway? Do either even matter? If you’ve wondered these things like we have, hit listen now. In a conversation with Kelli Foster, author of the new cookbook, The Probiotic Kitchen, we talk about what you need to know about gut health and how you can act on it using whole foods — no supplements or fancy recipes needed.

This post contains affiliate links, we may make a small percentage on products we recommend.

The Probiotic Kitchen: More Than 100 Delectable, Natural, and Supplement-Free Probiotic Recipes by Kelli Foster | DIdn't I Just Feed You, a food podcast for parents (even the ones who hate to cook)

Food As Self Care

By now, you’ve probably heard wellness experts, doctors, and even food professionals talking about the merits of pre- and probiotics. But if you’re like us — and this week’s guest, Kelli Foster — you don’t have time to go over the research, find the right supplements, buy them (hello, pricey!), and incorporate yet another routine into your life. But it turns out, there’s an easier way.

As a new mom, Kelli has come to realize that food is a primary way to self care. Time for a jog? Other exercise? A relaxing day with friends? Maybe next year! But eating: it’s something we all have to do three times a day, no matter how busy we are.

Every time we feed ourselves (and our families) we have an opportunity to incorporate foods that are naturally rich in pre- and probiotics, which can help keep our guts healthy. And research increasingly shows a connection between a healthy gut and a healthy body and mind.

Do we talk data? No. But the research is there and, more importantly, it feels good and doesn’t require anything other than making some fun, smart food and recipe choices. So why not?!

In this week’s conversation, Kelli tells us how to get pre- and probiotics into our diets with foods we can pick up at the market and without going insane.

Here are links to some of the things we talk about with Kelli:

Kelli Foster, author of The Probiotic Kitchen | featured on Didn't I Just Feed You, a food podcast for parents (even the ones who don't love to cook)

About Our Guest: Kelli Foster

Kelli Foster is a staff writer and editor for The Kitchn.com, which more than twenty million people visit each month, and the author of Buddha Bowls. A graduate of the French Culinary Institute, she lives in New York City with her husband and new son.

You can find Kelli on Instagram as @kellimfoster. And, hey, you know how much we love a rate and review moment, so:

If you grab Kelli’s book on Amazon, The Probiotic Kitchen: More Than 100 Delectable, Natural, and Supplement-Free Probiotic Recipes, be sure to leave a fantastic review! Spread the love — and the gut health.

Stacie & Meghan of Didn't I Just Feed You, a food podcast for parents (even ones

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Top your waffles with yogurt! We love these Pumpkin Waffles from Half The Sugar, All The Love by Jennifer Tyler Lee

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