Everything you need to know (and a few things you don’t) about feeding a family. 

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Savory baking isn’t just pizza and quiche! Beloved baker Erin Jeanne McDowell joins us to talk about her latest book, Savory Baking: Recipes for Breakfast, Dinner, and Everything in Between, and building confidence in the kitchen. She also dishes up her best holiday baking advice — huzzah!  Powered by RedCircle About Our Guest: Erin Jeanne McDowell […]

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With the winter holidays fast approaching, we’re thinking about how to feed a crowd in what seems to kinda-maybe-mostly-post-pandemic world.

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This week we focus on food gifts from quick projects you can do with the kids to meals you can batch cook to make life easier for a friend.

Easy Edible Food Gifts | Didn't I Just Feed You
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This week, we’re sharing holiday appetizers that are easy to cook, easy to portion and eat, and of course, made with store-bought shortcuts.

Easy Holiday Appetizers | Didn't I Just Feed You podcast
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“Cheese Me” isn’t just a funny phrase we say too often on the show, cheese boards, snack platter, and graze plates of all kinds are one of the smartest ways to eat and entertain during the holiday. Scratch that, year round. This week we’re sharing our best tips for building epic cheese boards the whole family will love.

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This week we share our favorite recipes for leftover turkey and mashed potatoes, and talk about how to safely deal with leftovers everyday

How to Store and Reheat Holiday Leftovers | Didn't I Just Feed You
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This week, we spend time going over the nitty gritty of how to think about serving a crowd, what to serve, and how much to make.

Whether you’re looking to become a more efficient cook or better meal planner, get support for coping with a picky eater or feeding a teen, we’ve got episodes for you. 

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Keep your holiday cooking easy and delicious with our tips, tricks, and recipes. 



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The time between back-to-school and the winter holidays is among the most hectic. This is when we lean on our easiest dinners of all. 



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Everything you need to know about cooking and baking techniques, planning, prepping, and packing your pantry.

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The info, support, and camaraderie to deal with the mental and emotional load of feeding our families. From coping with picky eaters to deciding when it's time to say ok to caffeine.



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All the tips and ideas to have fun in the kitchen, whether for a holiday, celebration, or because it’s Tuesday and you feel like eating cake. Yes, that's a thing in our world.

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I look forward to new episodes every week and save them for my “me time.” Meghan and Stacie have a wonderful rapport and make me feel like I’m having a conversation with them. I’ve learned a lot about different techniques from this podcast, and incorporate a recipe suggested in the podcasts almost every week. 

"Wonderfully Entertaining + Informative

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“I love love love this show - Meghan and Stacie offer practical advice, nourishing conversations, and a lot of laughter and levity along the way! It's truly a joy to listen to. Grateful for this resource!”

”A smoothie for your spirit!”

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It is funny, relatable, and real. I love the cooking tips and there is a whole range of making things as simple as possible. The ideas inspire me. Also there is general food management/planning advice that is so valuable which you won’t really find just reading cookbooks.

"This is a fantastic podcast! "

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Stacie and Megan are funny, insightful and so real. The content is practical and applicable, the guests are awesome, and the hosts are a great team. Love you guys!

"A Long Time Favorite "

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