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197: Wok Cooking With J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

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dinner, Kitchen Skills

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The wok is widely accepted as one of the most versatile cooking tools in any kitchen, yet wok cooking seems to intimidate many people. In this episode, we break down the magic of wok cooking with the inimitable J.  Kenji López-Alt. From braising to frying, stir frying to — dessert making? — we’ve got you covered.

About Our Guest: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

J.  Kenji López-Alt is a chef, parent, and New York Times best-selling author of The Food Lab (winner of the James Beard Award for General Cooking, and International Association of Culinary Professionals’ Book of the Year), Every Night Is Pizza Night, illustrated by Gianna Ruggierom, and his latest, The Wok: Recipes and Techniques. He is a wildly popular New York Times food columnist, and the host of Kenji’s Cooking Show, with over a million subscribers on YouTube. He lives in Seattle, WA.

The Wok: Recipe and Techniques by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt | Didn't I Just Feed You podcast

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