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161: Quick, Affordable Kitchen Updates with David Quarles IV

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Kitchen Skills

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After 18 months of nearly constant cooking and eating at home, we’re looking to refresh our kitchens without spending too much time or money. From thoughts on organization to playing with color and decor, interior designer David Quarles IV shares simple ideas for breathing new life into a space that we have worn out.

About Our Guest: David Quarles IV

David Quarles IV is a Memphis-based, multi-hyphenate creative and wellness enthusiast with a professional background in interior styling and design, and jewelry design. His philosophy on life stems from doing all things from a place of love. David comes from African-American, Afro-Caribbean, European and Indigenous-American descent; a vibrant cultural background that influences his work and movement in this world. You can check out his work (and vegan recipes!) at his site www.davidquarlesiv.com and follow him on Instagram, where he is @david.quarlesiv. We promise he’s a follow that will make you happy!

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