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Episode 95: Our Best No-Cook Meals. No heat. No prep.

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Easy Dinners, Kitchen Skills, Summer, What to Eat

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This week’s episode is brought to you by KiwiCo and Breyers® CarbSmart

As we approach peak summer, it’s only right to dedicate an entire episode to no-cook meals. And we’re not talking the kind where you prep (aka COOK) rice or pasta on the weekend to have on hand for a “no-cook” dinner on Wednesday. Nah, that doesn’t count. This week, we’re talking dinners you can throw together without any prep or any heat at all. These, friends, are the lifesaving dinners of summer.

This post contains affiliate links, we may make a small percentage on products we recommend.


Don’t Cook, But Eat Dinners

We start this week’s episode by clarifying our terms, because if we’re being really honest, it’s easy to call something a no-cook meal and then call for leftover rice — which had to be cooked at some point.

In last summer’s episode on no-cook dinners, we applied a broad definition of the term, but this year we’re getting serious: when we say no-cook in this episode, we mean that you can make dinner entirely of ingredients straight out of your pantry, fridge or freezer. No heat applied at any point.

Last year’s no-cook dinner episode is still a great listen (we do a deep dive into salads, which is super helpful), but this year we’re serving up all the life saving, omg-not-dinner-again recipes that will get you through the dog days of summer.

We cover all the things you should buy to be able to make easy, no-cook meals and talk recipes too. Listen here for all the details.

Here are all the links mentioned in todays episode:


For When You’re Gonna Cook

Stacie’s latest book, Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner: 50 Winning Ways to Cook It Up! is packed with all the modern, vibrant chicken recipes you need to solve dinner using everyone’s favorite protein. 

Say goodbye to bland chicken with this practical handbook of go-to chicken dinner recipes. This book will help you roast, grill, slow cook, pressure cook, braise, and sheet pan your way to dinner deliciousness.

Plus, it’s chock full of tips on everything from choosing quality chicken at the best price, to decoding confusing labels and carving chicken like the kitchen boss you are.

If you need convincing, try Stacie’s Pepper Jack Guacamole Chicken Burgers, and give one of her marinades — her favorite in the whole book — a try and then pull the trigger. We know you’ll want to.


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Be sure to join our private Listener’s Group on Facebook (our favorite cocktail is WHISKEY — you’ll understand when you try to join). This week, we’ll be collecting more no-cook recipes — your favorites! — and also asking you all to weigh in on canned fish: Should Meghan get down with it or what?!

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You can find us at @didntijustfeed you on Instagram, Facebook at large and Pinterest. And if you happen to love us as much as we love you (because y’all are very real), you can find Meghan as @meghan_splawn and Stacie as @staciebillis on Instagram.

We Love Our Sponsors!



Let’s be honest: This summer is particularly intense, with parents grappling with and balancing more than ever. Playing camp counselor for weeks on end is not in the cards, which is why we LOVE and DEEPLY appreciate KiwiCo.

KiwiCo creates super cool, hands-on art and science projects that kids can do from home (without you, parents!). Each KiwiCo box is delivered monthly and comes with ALL the supplies needed for that month’s project.

That’s everything you need to make art & science seriously fun, delivered to your doorstep, with options for kids ranging from pre-school to teens.

Get your first month free on select KiwiCo crates at kiwico.com/didntijustfeedyou! Trust us: just like no-cook dinners, KiwiCo crates are a lifesaver.

93-Dressed Up Breyers CarbSmart with Magic Shel.jpg

Breyers® CarbSmart

If you’re going to keep dinner easy with no-cook recipes, you might as well make dessert a cinch too! Our favorite easy, totally delicious, store-bought dessert that everyone loves: Breyers CarbSmart. Stock up knowing that you’re grabbing a treat that has only has 3 to 5 grams net carbs per serving for you and that’s super delicious for all.

Breyers CarbSmart comes in tons of flavors in both tubs (vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter) and bars (almond, vanilla, fudge, mint fudge and caramel swirl). It’s PERFECT for your next sweets craving.

Listen to this week’s episode for a savings on your next purchase of Breyers CarbSmart at any major retailer, including Amazon Fresh.


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