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Episode 88: What We’re Eating Now, Spring 2020

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What to Eat

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Episode 88_ What We're Eating Now, Spring 2020 copy.png

This week’s episode is brought to you by Breyers® CarbSmart

You asked for it, you got it! Another What We’re Eating Now episode — and an extra special one, too, if you ask us. Not only has spring sprung, bringing us some of the best ingredients of the year, but we’re also still in quarantine. How do these two things interact? What are we finding at the markets? How are we finding joy in cooking when we’ve been cooking non-stop for weeks and weeks? We answer all of these burning questions, and hopefully reinvigorate your cooking as we do.

This post contains affiliate links, we may make a small percentage on products we recommend.

Meghan's spring drink - paloma's - recipe linked below.jpg

What We’re Cooking Now

These are normally our favorite episodes to record; we love sharing what we are cooking with you. But still in quarantine, we’re tired of cooking too. Did we really have anything new to offer?

As we dove into recording, we realized that we do. We’re actually cooking a lot of new stuff and approaching some of our cooking differently too. More than that, we realized that talking it through with each other helps bring the inspiration. We hope that listening to this week’s episode reinvigorates your cooking as well.

Here are the links mentioned in this week’s conversation:

Lil Smokies made into pigs in a blanket — sorta. (What do you see?) | @staciebillis for Didn't I Just Feed You

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It’s going to be a juicy one.

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You can also find us at @didntijustfeed you on Instagram, Facebook at large and Pinterest. And if you happen to love us as much as we love you (because y’all are very real), you can find Meghan as @meghan_splawn and Stacie as @staciebillis on Instagram.

Breyers CarbSmart: Not just for people on a low-carb diet. Even the kids are stealing our stash! | Didn't I Just Feed You

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Stacie is obsessed! And, honestly, so are her kids and Meghan, too, and none of them watch carbs or care about much of anything when it comes to frozen treats except TATSE! And these TASTE DELICIOUS.

Breyers CarbSmart comes in tons of flavors in both tubs (vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter) and bars (almond, vanilla, fudge, mint fudge and caramel swirl). It’s PERFECT for your next sweets craving.

Look for Breyers CarbSmart at your favorite major retailer, from Walmart to Target, Kroger to AmazonFresh. And listen to this week’s episode for an exclusive discount.


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