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Episode 52: When Should Kids Try Coffee? The DL on Caffeine, Kids, Tweens & Teens

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Coffee fuels our parenting. We drink it hot, cold, and re-warmed in the microwave, and the kids are watching. How do our habits impact our kids’ interest in coffee and caffeine? And what about our collective obsession with Starbucks? The kids are right there with us and Starbucks has answers in the way of frappes, flavored steam milk, and unicorn sips.

This week, Stacie’s 12-year-old son joins us to share what he knows about caffeine, his coffee drink consumption, and why he and his peers are so fanatically interest in (crazy sugary) Frappuccinos.

When is it Okay to Give Kids Caffeine?

Hummus meal at Dizengoff | Photo: Anna Dickson for Zagat

Pediatricians, nutritionists, and even the American Academy of Pediatrics agree that kids shouldn’t drink caffeine, which means skipping coffee-based frappes, sodas, and even some iced tea. But as our kids hit their tween years, the lines get blurred, especially if your tween is hanging with friends at the local Starbucks or neighborhood coffee shop.

In this episode, we’re sharing everything we know about kids, tweens, teens, and caffeine and even busting a long-time myth. After sharing all the relevant data, we spill the beans on how we’re handling caffeine and coffee with our kids hoping that it will help you figure out what works best for you and yours.

Here are links to research, recipes, and info we mention in the episode:

What’s Your Go-to Starbucks Order?


Image via Brit + Co on Instagram: @britandco

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about our coffee habits — #obvs — so be sure to tune into this episode to hear our favorite Starbucks orders (Isaac’s too!), how frequently we get it, and how we drink our coffee at home as well.

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