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188: Early Feeding and Breastfeeding Tips with Erica Campbell of The Milk Manual

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Feeding Babies

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Feeding a child starts the minute they are born, yet very little feeding education is made available to parents during pregnancy. What many of us expect to be a natural act can actually turn out to be complicated and confusing. Erica Campbell of The Milk Manual talks to us about early feeding and gives breastfeeding tips to make those first few months of feeding more joyful, no matter what baby ends up eating, breastmilk, formula, or a combination of the two.

About Our Guest: Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell is a registered nurse, International Board certified lactation consultant, wife, and mother of two. Erica works as a lactation consultant with a private practice group in the Houston area. When Erica isn’t helping families navigate their feeding journey, she finds joy in working out, reading an invigorating book, and listening to podcasts while on a nice walk. You can find more about Erica on her site The Milk Manual or look for her on Instagram as @themilkmanual. You can also check out Erica’s awesomely helpful lactation courses.

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