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Episode 132: How to Make Biscuits with Erika Council

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Kitchen Skills, What to Eat

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Meghan and her biscuit-baking mentor, Erika Council, spill their secrets on how to make biscuits perfectly — even if you haven’t made them ever before — and imperfectly too. Without further ado, here’s everything you needed to know about baking biscuits.

About Our Guest: Erika Council

Erika Council is the charismatic food writer, recipe developer and photographer behind the popular website, Southern Soufflé. Erika has become a fixture in the southern culinary world with her popular biscuit company, Bomb Biscuit Co. in Atlanta, GA.  Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Sauver, (where she was nominated 2016 Best of the Food Blog awards for writing), Food and Wine Magazine, The Local Palate Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Food 52, Complex Magazine, Design Sponge, The Kitchn, Essence Magazine, Huffington Post, and Yahoo. 

Outside of the kitchen, Erika has become a sought after voice on the topic of African American food, social justice and food’s impact on community. One such event is speaking at the Southern Foodways Alliance, the organization that is preserving the foodways of the south. She can also be found at The Atlanta History Center,  hosting cooking demos and Sunday Suppers and speaking on the history of African American Cuisine and the social impact food has on communities. 

Erika, currently a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, is a native of North Carolina, attributing her passion for food and community to her grandmothers. One of these grandmothers, Mildred (Mama Dip) Council, is a southern cooking icon, award winning cookbook author and owner of the famous Mama Dip’s Kitchen restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


We’ve finally done it! We’ve recorded the biscuits tell-all that the world wants from Meghan. And on top of it, we also have wisdom from her biscuits mentor, Erika Council.

Plus, Meghan answers all the questions troubleshooting her classic Southern Buttermilk Biscuits recipe.

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