Episode 62: How to Master One Pot Dinners


One-pot meals are widely considered the most powerful tool in a busy home cook’s toolbox. And we agree — when done right. “Dump and stir” meals run the risk of tasting as good as they sound (which is to say not good at all), which is why we invited one-pot meal expert Beth Lipton on to help us make sure that we do it correctly. And that starts with ditching the notion that you have to use a pot. Listen for more mind-blowing tips that ensure your one vessel meals are well balanced with great texture and taste.

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One [ Fill In the Blank ] Meals

Whatever vessel you use, master meals that keep life easy

Photo: Ashley Capp for Clean Eating

Photo: Ashley Capp for Clean Eating

What’s the big deal about one-pan meals anyway? For some, it’s easy cleanup. For others, it’s about having a simple formula that keep cooking mindless. For us, it’s all of the above and the fact that using one vessel — a pot, a pan, or a sheet pan — doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste or texture. You just need a few tips, techniques, and expert strategies to use the right vessel the right away.

And this week, we’ve got ‘em.

Let’s make this as easy on ourselves as we can. The meal is still home cooked even if someone else has peeled the squash.
— Beth Lipton

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About Our Guest: Beth Lipton

Making healthy cooking fun, easy, and delicious

Beth Lipton: Food, health and wellness expert on Didn't I Just Feed You, a food podcast for parents (even the ones who don't love to cook!)

Beth Lipton is a Brooklyn-based recipe developer, freelance food and wellness writer, and cookbook author. She's a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute health-supportive culinary school and studied health coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her recipes and writing have appeared in Clean Eating, Health, Paleo magazine, FoodNetwork.com, Travel + Leisure, Epicurious, Furthermore, Clean Plates, and more.

Find Beth on Instagram or Facebook. Her site, www.bethlipton.com, is also a great place to keep up with her.

Easy, No-Mess, One-Pan Meals: A class with Beth Lipton from  the Clean Eating Academy by Clean Eating Magazine | Didn't I Just Feed You, a food podcast for parents (even the ones who hate to cook)

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A One-Pot Magic Ingredient

Banza pasta means pasta + protein in one


For us, the perfect one pot meal isn’t just easy to clean up, but it also serves up all the goodness of a well-rounded, multi-course meal, from protein to veg.

One of our favorite ways to accomplish this is by using Banza chickpea pasta for all of our pasta- and rice-based one pot dinners. It cooks and tastes like regular pasta, but serves up nearly double the protein and three times the fiber. One pot dinner magic!

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