Episode 61: Feed Yourself First. Right?


“Feed Yourself First!” Inspiring words, or a saying you’d see on a gimmicky wall plaque? We’re not sure (both maybe?), but we think it's worth a conversation. And not just one about food. Because while it sounds nice — maybe even helpful — to have experts encouraging you to cook only things you love or let go of the guilt of eating whatever you want, whenever you want, we’re not so sure that’s actually helpful. Since helpful is our goal, we explore the many ways that you can nourish yourself and find more joy while feeding your family.

Finding Joy with Food

Is it important to feed yourself first?

Chris Evans as Captain America — just because | Didn't I Just Feed You, a food podcast for parents (even the ones who hate to cook!)

Listen, Linda. By now you know that we don’t claim to have all the answers. Tips for making cooking easier? More efficient? As delicious as possible? We have all that on lock down. But what you cook, how you cook it, if you should even be the one cooking in your family? That’s up to you and we just want to support your choices.

We love the idea of feeding ourselves first (obviously!), but if that means different things between us, we know that it must also mean something different — something personal — to you. And we hope that our conversation helps you figure out how you can nourish yourself so that cooking for your family can be an act of joy. (Or at least not an onerous chore — ha!)

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How you feed yourself first — or what you do to feed your family so that you can go do whatever it is you love most.