Episode 50: Make Ahead Breakfast for Back-to-School


Being a fully functioning human at 6 am is hard. As much as we have the idea that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” drilled into our collective conscious, we just cannot deal with having to feed ourselves and our kids a healthy meal every morning from scratch. That’s why make ahead breakfasts are critical to eating well in the morning. 

Sure, make ahead breakfasts will make your back-to-school season better, but there are many seasons of parenting where a prepped-and-ready or self-serve breakfast comes in handy all year long — and it might even mean you get to sleep in.  This week we’re sharing our favorite recipes and secret strategies for better breakfast with less effort. 

Better Breakfast With Less Effort

Because no one wants to meal prep all weekend

You probably don’t need convincing that having a grab-and-go breakfast options on hand for back to school would make life so much easier! But no one, not even us pro-cooks wants to spend a whole Sunday cooking. In this episode, we shared our strategies for having made ahead breakfast options on hand without busting our humps every week. Think freezer, store-bought shortcuts and the like — but listen to hear them all.

We each shared our go-to make ahead breakfasts and easy to assemble ideas. Here’s link to as many of them as we could round up!

I love make ahead breakfasts are great for older kids too, because it empowers them to make breakfast for themselves! So I love them for weekends too, because it means I might get a chance to sleep in
— Stacie
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“I love it ALL!”

We’re bringing back the “What We’re Digging” Segment This Week!

We’re experimenting with bringing back a segment from season one called “What We’re Digging!” let us know in the Listeners Group what you’d like to hear more of!

This week Meghan is digging on the e-book she got from Unyucky Families The Flawesome Family Meal Book for family dinner inspiration.

Stacie is giving us high-protein vibes from both her recent cereal purchase AND a brand of pasta she’s giving a second try. Looking for an alternative to her boys daily yogurt, Stacie ordered a Bundle from The Cereal School  

We both got the check out Banza Pasta’s new shapes and updated mac & cheese and Stacie is personally excited to have a high protein choice as she’s got to be carb conscious for her PCOS.

Lastly Meghan gave us an update on her paper towel reduction plan (she mentioned it in our episode on creating less waste in the kitchen). She’s loving the Unpaper Towels she ordered from Dot & Army

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