Episode 42: All the Recipes You Should Be Cooking Right Now


As we begin to wind down season two of Didn’t I Just Feed You and move into summer vacation madness, Stacie and Meghan share the easy dinner recipes, as well as snack, breakfast, and dessert recipes too, that we’re cooking right now and think you should be cooking as well. These are our lifesavers, the back pocket recipes saving us from take out night after night.

We share the recipes with notes on what makes each great and how every one can be adapted to suit your family, schedule, and budget too.

This is our cheat sheet. And now it’s yours too.

What’s Happening in Our Kitchens

We’re Crazed, Overwhelmed Working Parents Too!

We love sharing ideas, tips, and experts with you week after week, but this time of year serves as the ultimate reminder that, despite being food professionals, we’re all in the same boat when it comes to feeding our families.

Sure we have more developed skills and a sharply honed ability to throw meals together out of virtually nothing, but stress, overwhelm, and simply having too much to do in a day gets to us too. And when it does, we don’t enjoy making dinner any more than the next parent.

That’s why we keep a stash of back pocket recipes that we can count on to help get us through. With these, we can go on autopilot knowing that dinner will be fast to make and easy to serve everyone in our families.

We think that you’ll appreciate having these recipes on tap, too, and to make sure of it, talk you through what we love most, what can be changed, and how you can fit these breakfasts, snacks, and dinners into your family life.

The Cheat Sheet

The Recipes You Should Be Cooking Right Now

Let’s get to the point! These are the recipes you should add to your meal plan rotation STAT:

Stacie’s List:

Meghan’s List:

Other products and recipes mentioned in this episode:


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The thing is: It works! But it also takes time and energy than a lot of busy parents don’t have.

That’s why we’re so incredibly excited about the new Green Giant Veggie Swap-Ins. Their frozen riced veggies, veggie spirals, veggie tots, and cauliflower pizza crusts are a busy cook’s dream.

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